A house that evokes an
ancient charm


A house that evokes an ancient charm, in the middle of unforgettable fascinations between history and nature.

After a short break, we - the Delugans - renewed, restyled and embellished our historic house. Now, in the room near the coffee bar, we have also opened the restaurant “L'ACQUAROL”, where Perla's warm and welcoming atmosphere and Alessandro's mouth-watering food – served with glasses of delicious wine – make your stay be really pleasant.

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Hotel Rio Bianco

Hotel Rio Bianco
Via Nazionale, 42 - 38030 Panchià (TN) - IT
- tel +39 0462 810060 +39 366 9589939
fax +39 0462 812542
- - p.iva: 01099020222

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Hotel Rio Bianco